Albion Association is the study association for English Language and Culture in Leiden. Our goal is to support students with their studies and social life. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Board 2019-2020:
The Convent of Pleasure

The name “The Convent of Pleasure” comes from the title of an Early Modern closet drama written by Margaret Cavendish. This comedic piece narrates the adventure of a woman joining a convent where all manners of gaiety unfold: dance, song, love, a woman (who is actually a man) dressing up like a sea god to entice another woman. These components are all, in a manner, quite representative of our current board. In which ways, you may ask? We’ll leave that up to you to find out.

Chair – Danielle Wix

Hello all! I’m Danielle and will be serving as Albion’s Chair this upcoming year! This entails that I’ll keep everything sailing smoothly while the rest of the board does all of the real work ;). You’ll probably always be able to find me at uni, nearly all the monthly drinks or at home with my cat (because she’s my everything obviously). My main hobby is probably Netflix, but right now I’ve binged through all of it and now that GoT is also over I really need new shows to watch so if anyone has any recommendations please tell me, I’m desperate. Next to being a complete hermit I really do love spending time with people so if anyone ever needs (or wants) to talk or hang out, I’ll always be down to chill.

Secretary – Sharon Sterke

Hiya! My name is Sharon, I am 20 years old, I am a Hufflepuff, and overall a huge geek. I will be Albion’s secretary this year, which basically means that I will be answering most of your emails, I will be writing the biweekly and much more! (I will not get coffee). This will be my second year of English Language and culture, and I am very excited to learn more about the literature, culture, language and history of the UK. In my spare time I like to watch Netflix shows, sing along to my guilty pleasures in the shower, and hang out with my friends, flatmates and of course the best people of all: Albion members. Besides my unhealthy obsession with the UK I also love all things Japan, especially Studio Ghibli films. I look forward to meeting all our new members and to make this year a brilliant one! Don’t hesitate to reach out during Albion activities, I am always up for a chat. If I am not hanging around Lipsius you can find me at your local McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, or somewhere in a park petting a cat.

Treasurer – Carlijn Tetteroo

Hello! My name is Carlijn and I am a slightly-below-average-sized 19 year old. I’ll be your treasurer (/master of coin) next year, during which I will be a second year English student. I am studying English because I love books, I even have an antique book collection (yes, I am most certainly a nerd), but I also enjoy Netflix, especially horror shows or marvel movies. You’re more than welcome to come chat to me about the latest book you’ve been reading or show you’ve been watching, and maybe I’ll share some of my favourite random facts with you (did you know the inventor of liquid soap became paralysed after slipping in the shower?) or a joke you won’t find funny (whoever invented knock knock jokes should get a no bell price!). You’ll be able to find my at the Albion activities, or else on a bench in the sun sipping a glass of limoncello.

Assessor Extern – Thymen van Beusekom

A boy has no name. I’m just kidding; my name is Thymen. Although my ginger hair leads many people to believe I should be in Gryffindor with the other Weasleys, I am actually a Ravenclaw. When I’m not reading books, I am either talking about books or watching people on Youtube talk about books. So feel free to tell me about your current read, or literally anything else, because I love meeting new people, as long as you add me on Duolingo afterwards. Despite my unhealthy obsession with Disney films and musicals, I try not to make too many references during conversations, but sometimes I just have to let it go. I will be the next Assessor Extern (though I prefer the term Master of Whisperers), which means that I will be concerned with acquisition, organising faculty events and providing you with all the tea from other study associations.

Assessor Internal Affairs & PR – Benjamin Haaksma

Salutations! I’m Benjamin Haaksma and I’ll be the assessor internal affairs (+PR) this year. I will hop from committee to committee in order to ensure smooth sailing and if need be spread some love to resolve conflicts or problems within said committees. Next to that, I will try to coax as many students of English to join Albion’s wonderful events. Official responsibilities aside, I’m always up for a good convo about the usual geek related stuff, which most students of English are interested in. But dance parties and karaoke are also my cup of tea, so expect lots of those to be organised this year! Can’t wait to make your acquaintance! Groetjes and I have er sentence in!


For any and all questions you might have, please do not hesitate to ask us. You can always tap us on the shoulder, come to us at one of our activities, or send us an email. For general inquiries, send an email to If you want to send a specific board member an email, these are the respective email addresses.

Chair, Dani Wix: (for collaborations, questions about our policy or just general questions/information)

Secretary, Sharon Sterke: (for questions relating to membership and the biweekly information mail)

Treasurer, Carlijn Tetteroo: (for all problems and questions about finances)

Assessor External Affairs, Thymen van Beusekom: (for external organisation, merchandise and acquisition)

Assessor Internal Affairs + Promotion, Benjamin Haaksma: (for internal (within Albion) and promotional affairs)

Besides email, we also have a Facebook page that is updated quite frequently. We are also available via the messenger on this page!

Should you have any (anonymous) comments, you can also contact us through our pigeonhole titled ‘Albion Association’ in P.N. van Eyckhof 4 in Leiden.

This is our address:

English Language and Culture
t.a.v Albion Association
Postbus 9515
2300 RA Leiden

Serious suggestions, critical comments, or other helpful messages are always appreciated! Memes and cat pictures, too.