Board Aeonian

Board Aeonian

The word Aeonian originates from ancient Greek and found its way into English somewhere in the eighteenth century. It is best defined as “lasting for an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time”. Unfortunately, this does not mean we will be the Albion Board forever, and luckily enough, it also doesn’t mean our activities drag on for aeons. However, we are hoping it means your memory of us will last forever, similar to the smile we try to put on your faces.


Well hello there! My name is Bart, I am twenty years old, and I have the huge honour to be your Chair this year. Together with my wonderful board, I will try to make all of you very happy little English students this year. When I am not busy doing something Albion-related, I will probably be watching football (either on TV or in the PSV stadium), watching and analyzing movies or trying to write screenplays. I am a big fan of Philology, especially Old English, and I get a little too excited when someone gives me Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Reading books also takes up a faire share of my time, but you probably won’t catch me analyzing one in a Literature class. Besides all of that, I love to chat with Albion members and I hope I’ll be doing that quite a lot, so never shy away from talking to me!


So this is the space where i have to get all creative and introduce myself and do my best not to make it the same as every introduction page ever, you can be the judge of that when you get to the bottom. My name is Abbie and as per the academic year of 2018/19 I will be a second years student of English Language and Culture at the University of Leiden,I am 21 years old and looking to eventually specialize in literature and then go on to teach that very subject, so my nose is often in a book. More importantly I will also officially be the treasurer of the Albion Association, Aeonian Board. What we are hoping is that as you are browsing our website you are considering a membership and that’s  fantastic! An Albion membership has a lot of perks including discount on books and foreign travel escapes. If you have any questions you are always more than welcome to e-mail me or approach me when you see me around (tip: you are more likely to get a nice response if i have had my morning cup of coffee or five).


Hi, I’m Denise and I will be your secretary this year. Among other things, this means that I’ll be the carrier pigeon that reaches out to you through our Biweeklies to keep you updated about upcoming activities and events. You are also always welcome to contact me if you have any Albion related questions. I’m a second year student of English Language and Culture and a first year student of Dutch Language and Culture in Leiden. If there’s any time left, I mostly try to spend it painting, writing or making music. I’m looking forward to seeing you at our events and monthly drinks, like Shakespeare would have said: “make sure to join Albion because Denise likes you and wants to hang out with you and sometimes there’s food”.


Hello, Albion members! My name is Annemarije Makkinga and I am this year’s Assessor Extern. You might already know me because I was the Chief Fresher last year: I just can’t seem to quit you, Albion. As Extern I will be focussed on the daunting task of acquisition and the more fun task of organising faculty events, like the faculty party and the gala. I am a second-year student of English language and culture. I started this course because of my love of English literature, but since I’ve started, my love for linguistics and philology has really grown. In my spare time, I hang out with my dog and my sister, eat Mexican food, listen to Fleetwood Mac, procrastinate my studies, and I drink apple cider. I look forward to making this a great year!


Hello there, Albion members! My name is Emma Sow and I will be your Chief Fresher this year! Some of the first year students already know me, but I will introduce myself for those who have never met me. I’m eighteen years old and I was born and raised in Amsterdam. A few months ago I moved to Leiden, which is slowly becoming my favorite city. However, I will always remain an ‘Ajacied’. When I’m not studying, I am probably hanging out with friends, since friendship is very important to me. I find history absolutely fascinating and therefore Philology and Literature 1B are two of my favorite courses. I’m always in for a laugh, so please approach me so we can tell each other a joke. I would love to talk to every single one of you, dear Albion members, so please don’t shy away from talking to me! Let’s make this a year to remember!