Reminder: Become A Board Member

Board Aeonian is looking for its successors for the year 2019-2020! In addition to the information mail we sent out a few weeks ago, we’d like to announce that we are considering expanding the number of possible board positions with the position of an Assessor PR + Intern. This board member would be in charge of the social media networks and promotion and would steer the committees in the right direction by checking up on them and helping them where necessary. If we decide to follow through with this, it would mean that the next Chair and Secretary will have a less heavy workload, and of course, it means that there’s an extra position to consider! However, if you’re not sure yet which position you want, that’s fine too!
> How: apply by sending your CV and a short motivation letter in which you specify your desired board position to before the 1st of April, after which we will invite you for a non-binding talk!

Freelance Angler Writers Wanted!

After having released a festive second issue over the winter, the Angler team is already gearing up for issue number three! This time, it is all about LGBTQ+ and inclusion. You’re invited to write a short story of around a 1000 words and send it to them, so that they can publish their favourite story in the upcoming issue! It would be nice if the theme is incorporated in some way, but they do accept short stories that do not have elements of LGBTQ+ and/or inclusion in them. Feeling inspired? Send your stories to before the 24th of March, and you might see yours in print!



Albion Merchandise

By means of organising activities and writing you letters once every two weeks, Albion tries to spread some heart-warming love. Now, to make sure it’s not just your heart that’s warm, we finally have what we promised you: beautiful comfortable Albion hoodies! The hoodies will cost €25,- and are unisex. We can only order them if we have more than 13 applications, due to the processing costs. But if you convince your friends to buy one as well, the price might go down! You can order our merchandise via this form until the 1st of March, so make sure to check it out!

Meld je aan voor het Germaanse Talen Symposium

Een taalfamilie verschilt eigenlijk maar weinig van een familie zoals wij die kennen. Kinderen zetten zich soms af tegen hun ouders, veranderen hun taalgebruik en maken vaak in vergelijking met hun broertjes of zusjes enorm verschillende ontwikkelingen door. Maar ook al zijn de familieleden uit de Germaanse taalfamilie verschillende wegen ingeslagen, ze blijven natuurlijk wel altijd familie! En die familietrekjes herken je pas als je erop gaat letten.

Op 21 februari 2019 houden de studieverenigingen NNP, S!MP en Albion Association het Germaanse Talen Symposium. Vanuit de vakgebieden van Nederlands, Duits en Engels zullen drie sprekers het Germaans benaderen om zo een duidelijker beeld te geven van onze gemeenschappelijke deler die de talen onherroepelijk met elkaar verbindt.

Het programma ziet er als volgt uit:
> 17:15-17:45 – Prof. Dr. L.C.J. Barbiers: “Het Nederlands als Tussengermaans”

> 17:45-18:30 – Pizza in Koffiekamer Zuid (op aanmelding)

> 18:30-19:00 – Dr. J. Audring: “Er, she, het? Een Germaanse sandwich”

> 19:15-19:45 – Dr. M.H. Porck: “Oudengels is Nederlands en de Beowulf is van ons! Ideeën over Oudengels in negentiende-eeuws Nederland”

Meld je voor 14 februari aan voor het symposium via de link onderaan dit bericht.
Pizza kost €3,- voor leden en €4,- voor externen.
Als je niet mee eet is het evenement gratis, maar verzoeken we je alsnog om je even aan te melden.

Meld je aan via deze link:


Apply for the Career Day Committee!

“You study English? What job are you going to do then?” Everyone studying English Language and Culture has surely gotten this question at least once in their life. As a study association, we are here to hopefully arm you with some possible answers, because there are in fact many career possibilities with your English degree! As you may know, Albion organises a Career Day every year. However, this year, in line with the theme of this year’s ‘444-viering’ Humanities Matter, Albion wants to go a little bigger. That’s why we’re creating a Career Day Committee! Do you want to help make this day possible and polish up your resume? The committee will meet several times to brainstorm on possible speakers, workshops and advertising and you are hopefully present at the career event itself to help out. Are you interested? Send an e-mail to or shoot a Whatsapp message to our chair Bart via 06-42328136

Don’t Forget to Buy Your Books!

Christmas is just around the corner and you know what that means: the new semester is almost here. Make sure to order your books on time so you don’t have to spend the first days borrowing books and trying to figure out how copying machines work.
how: go to, select ‘studievereniging’ and find Albion. The rest speaks for itself! (Any changes in prescribed study materials are at your own risk)

Albion to The Rescue

Stressed about your resits? Don’t worry, we got you fam. Albion has now set up its own tutoring army for tutoring sessions! If you are not feeling confident about Linguistics, Philology or Literature, you can contact us through and let us know what you need help with and when you would like to receive this help; then we will set you up with a tutor. Our tutoring sessions are mainly aimed at the resits, so hopefully none of you will need it. The hourly rate will be €10,- for our members and €15,- for non-members. That’s a steal for a good grade.

The New Angler: Celebration

The previous Angler appeared only a few months ago, but our ambitious writers have been working on a new edition ever since. This time, it’s all about Celebrations! The brand new issue contains short stories, articles on pagan parties, contributions by Dr. Porck and Dr. Foster, and much more!
> Curious? Enclosed to this e-mail you’ll find the online version. Physical copies will be distributed at the Potluck Dinner, but you can also stop by Eyckhof 4 and find them on the coffee table on the first floor or shoot an e-mail to to get your copy! 

Fairytaal Gala

As of today, you can officially buy tickets for the one and only Talengala! This dance, with the theme ‘Fairytaal’, will take place on the 23rd of January. For members of Albion, the ticket price is €15,00 (this includes unlimited drinks!). Anyone who’s not a member of one of the study associations that organises this gala, can still join: tickets for guests/dates are €17,50. Be quick to score your tickets, because it will be, you know, fairy cool.
> when: January 23rd, 21:00-3:00
> where: Quintus Society, Boommarkt 5a
> tickets now available via this form: 

Let the Games Begin!

Do you like to spend time with your fellow Albioneers? Do you like board games? Do you like being part of a daring new plan? Then you’re in luck, because Albion is starting up a brand new concept. It’s called “ABV First Levels” (ABV as in Albion Board Games Venture) and will basically be a group of students organizing get-togethers in which we will play board games (and possibly D&D if people are interested). We are still figuring out the details, but our first meeting will be right after the exams of January. If you want to stay posted about this abundance of fun, join our Whatsapp group via this link: All group participants get to co-decide when we’ll meet and what we’ll be playing!