Boekhandel Douwes

Boekhandel Douwes is the partner of Albion Association that helps us deliver books to our members! Our members receive a discount of 5% on all English study books. If you’re interested in this discount, then you can go to Douwes’ website. Create an account there and change your status to student in your account information. Also, don’t forget to add your LU-card number!

If you experience any difficulties, then don’t hesitate to contact Albion via any of the socials or e-mail, which can be found on this website. (Recommendation for those who don’t know any Dutch: use Google Chrome to open Douwes’ site and then translate the page to English)

Café de Keyzer

Café de Keyzer is our go-to pub in Leiden. Usually we have our monthly drinks there and we are proud to call this lovely café/bar our sponsor. Due to the unfortunate events of 2020 (Covid-19), we put this sponsorship on ice because we thought that we won’t have as many activities which need sponsoring than usual and we thought these might be tough times for cafés. However, we are looking forward to renewing this sponsorship as soon as this pandemic is over and to have many fun drinks at de Keyzer again!