Dear members,

In accordance with the GDPR law, here follows an overview regarding the data that Albion possesses and the purposes for which we use them:

  • Your name and email address: we need this data to process your registration as a member in our membership overview, and we use it to contact you, mainly by means of our biweekly newsletter.
  • Your phone number: we can use this information to contact you, mainly when you are participating in activities.
  • Your study progression: we can use this data to send you information, which is specific to your year of studies.
  • Your age: we need this information in relation to the ‘no alcohol under 18’ protocol we uphold during activities.

As soon as your membership has ended, which happens automatically after 1 year, we will delete all your data. Your data is not shared unsolicited with third parties. 

Photos/videos of activities could be used as promotion on Albion’s social media. If it so happens that unwanted imagery of you is uploaded without your consent, we will make sure that we delete this as soon as you contact the board ( or via the media it concerns. If you do not want any images of you posted on our social media, please let us know so we can keep this in mind.

When signing up as an Albion member you agreed with the GDPR law as mentioned on the sign-up form. If it so happens that you do not agree with these terms after signing up, you can always adjust, or completely retract, the provision of information.

Hopefully, the information on this page is satisfactory. You may contact us with any question or feedback you have regarding this subject.